Composites are reinforced materials where a matrix and a reinforcement are combined together to provide outstanding mechanical properties, often with a very lightweight structure.

The experience of ISC in composite materials have deep origin in the beginning of ‘90s. Since then several engineers were employed in companies using such materials as normal process, therefore solution for different technologies and applications have been directly tested in production and after applied on our equipment to the industry, automotive in particular.
Today ISC srl manufactures equipments to process different kinds of matrix (polyurethane, epoxy resin) and reinforcements (glass fiber, carbon fiber).

The Best-Mix (spray and rowing) technology has been originally designed for the production of structural parts, reinforced with glass fibers as an alternative solution to the traditional production process based on glass mats or cut glass fiber pre-blended with polyol.

This process is characterised by high mixing efficiency and foaming performances, blend homogeneity and a significant production cost saving. Thin moulded parts, reinforced with non-reactive fibers, or filled with low cost additives, can be produced with excellent chemical, physical and mechanical properties characteristics.

The introduction on to the market of new polyurethane formulations, intended for spray application and capable of being laid down in multiple layers without creating esthetic problems on the surface of the part, has prompted brought ISC srl to develop a technology that meets those industrial application needs.

The ISC srl Whish-Mix technology make possible the production of large parts with a multilayer sandwich structure, made up of various combinations of solid PU, solid and cellular PU, solid and cellular PU and short glass fibers, in order to meet functional and aesthetic requirements for diverse product areas such as the reinforcement of bath tubs and shower trays.
The most important advantages of this fully automatized solution are to eliminate the necessity of pressing and rolling the glass fibers based sandwich after its deposition, with the relevant simplifications of the production process and tools.

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