The Fillmix unit is designed to process solid fillers or shredded polyurethane scraps into the polyol.

This need is getting more and more frequent in the world of polyurethane for many reasons and particularly:

1) Improve the mechanical features of manufactured parts adding fibreglass
2) Reduce the flammability coefficient of manufactured parts adding graphite flakes.
3) Reduce the use of polyol in order to save money without reducing the quality and the performance levels of the final products adding calcium carbonate.
4) Reuse milled scraps for the production avoiding disposal costs; in this case Fillmix is supplied equipped with a shredder and a cochlea to load the milled part in its tank

This unit allows to control the percentage of load in polyol and to keep it constantly and correctly blended, ready for the automatic loading into the target foaming machine.
It can be use in any suitable equipped foaming machine.

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