About Us

ISC srl is a innovation company in the PU World with a 30-year experience. Our successes are intended to help improve people’s lives. At the same time, our innovations form the basis for sustainable and profitable business activity and are the key to achieving leadership positions in our markets. Our equipments and technical solutions are helping to address some of today’s biggest challenges, including global warming increase, a problem that takes more and more sensible the whole population and the need to make efficient and, wherever possible, sustainable use of alternative solutions.

Our Mission

  • We are improving End Customer’s quality of life by enhancing new technologies,
  • We are helping to provide an adequate supply of high-quality equipment and after sale service.
  • We are making significant consultancies in areas where customers need to improve performances for quality and production capability.

    In line with our mission, we aim to improve people’s quality of life.
    For this endeavor, we focus on our core competency of developing and successfully commercializing innovative products and solutions based on technical knowledge.

Our Value

We are committed to operating sustainably and addressing our social and ethical responsibilities as a corporate citizen. ISC’s values play a central role in our daily work and are intended to guide us in fulfilling our mission. These values are represented all over the world with our personnel and our agents around the clock.

These values apply to everyone at ISC srl and are firmly integrated into our performance system for employees.

ISC srl is leading company for following aims:

  • Be passionate for people and performance
  • Show personal drive, inspire and motivate others
  • Be accountable for actions and results, successes and failures
  • Treat others fairly and with respect
  • Give clear, candid and timely feedback
  • Manage troubleshooting with quick response and precision
  • Create value for all our Customers

Environmental Protection

ISC srl takes its responsibility to protect the environment very seriously. It is constantly working to reduce environmental impact and find innovative equipment solutions that benefit the environment. Our environmental standards apply worldwide.

New Blowing Agents

The strong international focus that has been placed on greenhouse gases and gases which are hostile to the ozone layer, has led ISC to deep and strong efforts for the development of efficient and environmentally friendly foaming processes.

Today, ISC puts a lot of efforts to helping customers in shifting their equipment for hydrocarbons-blown foams all over the world, with a wide range of available metering systems dedicated to this particular process.

The blending unit “Ecomix” is an innovative, simple and precise mixing system that allows the use of new generation blowing agents, including hydrocarbons, only when necessary. Combined with other complementary equipment it helps to optimize times and methods in the production process.

The “Ultramix/P” is the high pressure metering machine designed for the safe use of flammable blowing agents, such as Cyclopentane, Isobutane, etc.. Submitted to a complete and accurate risk analysis, hydrocarbons-blown systems can be considered safe and pose no danger to the operators involved in the process or to the environment.

Energy Consumption

Energy and material consumption and emission levels are essentially dependent on the manufactured sales volume, which does not include intermediates.
ISC srl is always developing new technical solutions in line with high efficiency equipment with lower consumption as possible.

Waste and Recycling

Waste management minimizes material consumption and disposal volumes. Production fluctuations and building refurbishment / land remediation work also influence waste volumes and recycling paths.

Moreover usage of old machinery, such as low pressure metering units, increase dramatically the wastage and the costs of disposal. ISC’s policy is to help Customers by changing equipment living good credit support, to help the planet.
In recent years great importance has been given to equipment for the foaming of polyurethanes with the insertion of solid parts derived from the shredding of waste (rebonding); ISC srl is able to produce a variety of machines and plants to take advantage of this opportunity.

Our efforts



The comprehensive way to boost your. To keep you and your staff in top form at all times, ISC offers perfect training in the form of comprehensive know-how transfer: from targeted consulting and a variety of individual seminars and training programs, to informative events. This means that you and your staff can experience, learn and train in an efficient, targeted and practical way anytime – either on-site or at one of our global training centres.



There is always a possibility of doing things even better. You can benefit from our experience and our passion for optimisation. In collaboration with ISC you will be able to get a better approach to perfecting process workflows and achieving even more efficient and cost-effective production.



With a global network of after sales and service operations, ISC offers a useful and well-appreciated "plus", such as: prompt local service and spare parts availability, laboratory usage for machine evaluation and trials, remote service connection, direct help-line assistance, and much more.



Better skills means quicker and more accurate setups, higher performances and less scraps and downtime. Well trained staff means preventive maintenance, extended machinery life and advanced troubleshooting skills. Comprehensive training of personnel is important to ensure optimum utilization of your metering and mixing equipment. ISC offers training sessions in small groups for your technicians and operators. Participants can consolidate or refresh their knowledge of technical functions and process management and can stay updated and know more about latest market trends, processing techniques, new developments in dosing and mixing systems.



Installing reliable added value Even if something is good, you can still make it better: Add value to your existing production unit with our professional upgrade solutions to make your machinery even more economical in the future. ISC allows you to adapt or revitalise your machine and use it, sometimes, for completely new applications.



Make the most of your legacy machine: With a wide range of special retrofittable equipment in perfect ISC quality, our experts meet virtually any requirement in terms of automation, increased efficiency or enhanced production, allowing for an extended service life and upgrading of your production unit.

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