High Pressure Machines

High-Pressure Foaming Machines

High Pressure foaming machines Alfamix Series

  • productions of low and medium volumes
  • single mixing head provision
  • production for thermal insulation (panels, refrigerators and packaging)
  • production of flexible foam for furniture
  • productions where it is necessary to replace low pressure foaming machines at a competitive price

High Pressure foaming machines Ultramix Series

  • great flexibility for medium – high productions
  • possibility of using multiple mixing heads
  • flow rates from 5 to 5000 gr / sec
  • very useful in sectors where variable shot to shot ratios are required (automotive for example)
  • production of integral self-skinning parts
  • flexible dual-hardness productions
  • productions where it is necessary to produce with variable flow rates in general (self-regulation of the flow rates)
  • full-optional equipment included in the price

High Pressure foaming machines for hydrocarbons-blown systems Ultramix/P Series

  • productions with dangerous and flammable blowing agents
  • production of refrigerators and chest freezers in the household appliances sector
  • production of blast chillers, commercial refrigerators, cold rooms in the commercial and industrial sector
  • sandwich panels for the building sector
  • special productions of integral self-skinning foams
  • standard equipment of integrated safety systems and monitoring of explosive gas leaks

Multicomponent High Pressure foaming machines for continuous sandwich panel lines Ultramix Plus Series

  • foaming machines dedicated to the production of sandwich panels
  • production of dedicated or combined PUR and PIR foams
  • very high productivity and great flexibility
  • usually combined with foaming portal
  • use of hydrocarbons in almost all applications

High Pressure mixing unit for filled materials Rim-Mix Series

  • production of parts with mechanical strength where a fiber is mixed together with the polyol (especially in the automotive sector)
  • production where a high resistance to fire is required by adding graphite in powder or microspheres (rigid and flexible foam as well)
  • productions where a substantial cost reduction is required (addition of fillers that increase the weight of the part produced)

Why choose our high pressure foaming machines?

Why choose our high pressure foaming machines?
ISC high-pressure foaming machines are the right solution to the widest variety of applications and customer needs with a tailored design able to satisfy the production requirements. The use of high-pressure technology offers many and significant advantages:

• solvents and other substitutes are no longer required
• improvement in working conditions
• safeguarding and protection of the global environment
• more efficient production processes
• foams with higher quality mixing and better physical and mechanical properties
• significant raw material saving.
• microdosing applications where it is mandatory do not use cleaning mediums


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