ISC Italy’s Innovation at the Service of 2 AEFFE in the World of Polyurethane

Polyurethane, a versatile and indispensable material in many industrial sectors, requires cutting-edge systems for its production. ISC Italy, a company with over twenty years of experience in the design and production of polyurethane systems, has consolidated its position as an industry leader. Recently, ISC Italy has entered into a strategic partnership with the company 2 AEFFE, a historical icon in structural rigid polyurethane.

The Choice of Excellence: ISC Italia and 2 AEFFE

With a history fifty years long in structural rigid polyurethane, 2 AEFFE has become a point of reference in this field, known for producing materials with densities of 600 kg/m³ for extension and 1100 kg/m³ for compact. The decision of 2 AEFFE to choose ISC Italy as a partner for the supply of a complete system, including two ULTRAMIX 100 multi-head foaming machines, is a sign of the trust placed in the competence and reliability of ISC.

A Solid Bond: Installation of the machinery system in 2023 and Future Projects

During 2023, the installation of the machinery system took place successfully at the 2 AEFFE facilities. The collaboration between the two companies led to extraordinary results, demonstrating the synergy between the advanced technology of ISC Italy and the consolidated experience of 2 AEFFE. The plant, equipped with two ULTRAMIX 100 multi-head foaming machines, has significantly contributed to the quality and efficiency of polyurethane production.

Looking to the Future: Implementations and Never Ending Growth

The partnership between ISC Italia and 2 AEFFE is set to grow further, with plans to implement new machines and technologies over the next few years. This commitment to continuous innovation is a tangible sign of both companies’ shared desire to remain at the forefront of the polyurethane industry.

ISC Italy thanks 2 AEFFE

ISC Italy would like to express its deep gratitude to 2 AEFFE for the trust shown and for the great cooperation. The results obtained are the fruit of a shared commitment to excellence and represent only the beginning of a promising future for both companies.

The partnership between ISC Italy and 2 AEFFE is a bright example of how the union of skills and innovation can shape the future of the polyurethane field. Both companies look forward with enthusiasm to new challenges and opportunities, knowing that together they can reach new peaks of success in the world of polyurethane.


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